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Modern Piping books are packed with the newest, coolest tunes from some of the world’s TOP composers!

Our bagpipe books are made for beginner through to expert players, here is a few fun things you'll find inside!

  • Composing and playing tutorial articles
  • Minimum 15 pages of brand new piping tunes (No need to wait for your favourite bands to play the music first, get your hands on the music!)
  • Composer stories behind each tune
  • Interviews with pipers and their success secrets
  • Tune competition (get your tune in our book and be published for all time amongst some of the top composers around the world!)
  • Need help learning? Just visit our Listen page and learn while playing the music along.

In this book:

  • Tutorial article

    Producing Backing Tracks for Bagpipes by Lincoln Hilton.
    This article delves into the world of technology and its potential to assist bagpipe players in their practice and performances.

  • Tune submission winner

    Staff Sergeant Murray Brown by Andrew Worrall & Scott Perrier

  • Piper of the Moment
    Brodie Watson-Massey


  • Lincoln Hilton

    Ryan O’Neil Hilton
    The Piping Cognoscenti
    Crossing the Minch Jig

  • Alastair Lee

    Maxwell's 10th Sash
    Alastair and John Lee
    It's Only Jazz
    The Middler
    Catlodge Jig

  • Chris Gray

    Banquet at Blair
    Duchal Road
    The Stoltman Brothers at the Hydo

  • Ciaren Ross

    The Yellow Chopping Board
    A Wee Tune for Charr
    The Mouse Hunt
    Ella C Lawson

  • Craig Muirhead

    7 out of 6
    Bonnie Tigoni
    Hemingway’s Hornpipe
    Tam Ballingham’s Second Tune
    Jane Scott’s 60th
    The Clegg-Butt’s Jig

  • Danny Hutcheson

    (Not So) Merrily Danced the Quaker’s Wife
    Ian Hutcheson
    Mystery of the Bag
    Grace Lawrie’s

*This listing is for a physical book sent to your location.

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